A reliable partner for over 60 years

Sevva Diamonds has a very long history. Louis Gerits already entered into the diamond world in 1948. He was followed by the next two generations: Bruno and Lenny Gerits, respectively. This ensures that we can count on a broad and reliable network for the purchase and sale of diamonds for both individuals and professionals. The diamonds that we sell all come with a certification. We work with certified diamonds from GIA, HRD, and IGI because these are the most respected diamond laboratories.


Throughout the years, Sevva Diamonds has developed an important network to ensure the purchasing and selling of specific diamonds. Contact us for more info.


For individuals, we act as a reliable partner to search for a specific diamond, for both jewelry and specific investments. We will gladly help you in your search.

Unset diamonds and jewels

Sevva Diamonds designs exclusive jewels ‘in house’ and finds you the diamond that you want. More info under custom design.